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View our finest examples of our work done, design layouts or you could read our Testimonial below.

Living Room

It doesn't matter how huge or small the living room is, 


Spacious bedrooms require ample design to suit your taste and style


Master bedrooms with limited space to make it more spacious.

Toilet / washroom

Elegant washroom / toilet which makes you feel comfortable

Office Space / Meeting Area / Dining Area

Your ideas, our creativity! We will match it up!

Common Bedrooms

Even for Common bedrooms with limited space, all requires a skillful work of art!


A executive feel like environment, even for HDB flats. 


For small size flats especially the kitchen area requires dedicated work and creative thinking to make the kitchen look more spacious. 

Kitchen  Cabinets

From table tops to bar counters to racks and cabinets, our skillful carpenters will make your ideas come to work without compromising quality.

Our Notable Clients

- Pemungut Cukai Kastam Malaysia (Singapore Properties)
- Muhammadiyah Association

Our Testimonial

Nice renovation work done. Mr Rahim took an effort to come to our place a few times to place a deal. He ensured us things will be done according to plan. Good work and thank you Mr Rahim and AG Contractor

Finished work on time before our deadline. We need to move in to our new office quick!

Love our new office layout! Thanks AG!

We are a Newly wed couple, really on a budget! But Mr Rahim helped us patiently to work out a plan within our budget. Quality not compromised! Same work as designed by ID!

I would like it give my comments on services done by Mr Samsudin and Mr Ranmam. They both handled the repairs very well and deserve my kudos for their hard work and dedication they put into their work!

Thank you Samsudin & Ranman! 

Your Interior Designers and contractors are superb! Sorry Mr Rahim I asked alot of questions! But he kindly replies to my questions as I was quite panic my old tiles are popping out and some cracked very badly.

Reasonable price for my renovation work! Now My old house now look like a brand new house! Thank you so much!