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Renovation Work At A Glance

For a  complete overhaul of an HDB home, condo, landed properties or any other commercial properties such as office etc requires dedicated interior designers and contractors in-charge to work with a plan. It is a complex task which requires years of experience of design and build skills as well as essential documentations and submission to relevant authorities. Our renovation enterprise has the experties with over 30 years of experience in this ground, catering  renovation or remodeling project delivered according to our customers expectations. Be it major and complex work which requires experts to be in the field or some minor renovation work/restructuring which requires no intervention or guidance of an interior designer, we have the solution for you! 

Cost Effective Renovation Solutions

Contact us for a free quote on your commercial/office or your residential property. All rates are customized but we will ensure it will suit within your budget.

Residential Service (HDB And Private Properties)

Land scarcity is a well-known challenge to renovation contractors in Singapore. Specialised and creative interior design solution is required due to space constraint. Our talented Interior designers, professional in-house carpentry and renovation team will cater you with customized quality solutions to minimize space constraint with a quality design layout and living space freedom.

- Professional Interior Design work for HDBs & Private Properties
- Modern home styling and Architectural renovation capabilities
- Professional Engineer endorsement for Amendment & Approval work
- PUB licensed plumbing and sanitary work 
- False Ceiling, Feature wall, Walls, Doors and Flooring work
- LEW electrical licensed 
- Home/Room drywall partitioning
- Intelligent lighting and door access system installation
- In-house carpentry solutions
- Cove Lighting and Home Cabinet/Shelves work

Commercial Service

Working on specialised, innovative, creative interior design and renovation solution while utilising the talents of our in-house carpentry team adds to the capability to build customized solution/furniture work to create an office/workspace or a commercial space/boutique store that truly reflects and represents your professional and corporate image. 

- Professional Interior Design work for Office and Commercial Space
- Mezzanine, racking system and in-house carpentry/furniture work
- Professional Engineer endorsement for Amendment & Approval work
- PUB licensed plumbing and sanitary work
- LEW electrical licensed
- Office/Shop carpetting, drywall partitioning and Raised flooring system
- False Ceiling, Walls, Doors and Flooring work
- Intelligent and computerised system installation and customization
- Cove Lighting and Office Cabinet/Shelves work

- Fire protection system installation and intelligent door access system